Aloha de Mele

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From the collection: Lei Po'o a Wahine
In Hawaii...
A haku lei, or lei po’o, is a lei made for the head (haku literally means “to braid”). The tradition of making and giving lei stems from ancient Hawai’i where lei were used for ceremonial purposes, adornment for both men and women, and to signify rank. Nowadays, with the growth of the tourist industry, they are used as a gift for those arriving or leaving the islands.

What you'll receive:

An 8x10 print matted to fit an 11x14 frame

Printed on: 

Premium Gliceè Paper

This is a thick (21-mil) heavy weight (310g) paper with the luxurious style of traditional artists’ papers. It has a natural-white, matte finish with a textured watercolor feel.

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