Gel Nail Art: Iwi Nails + ADM


Iwi Nails x Aloha de Mele Collaboration Featuring the Melia Falls Print.


Nail art that reflects Hawaiʻi perspectives

“All of our designs are inspired by our ʻāina - everything that feeds us spiritually, mentally and physically. We believe in providing fashion forward nail art that reflects the unique culture, history and perspectives of modern Kānaka Maoli (Native Hawaiians).” - Iwi Nails

Easy to Use & Easy to Remove

No dry time required. These semicured gel strips cure for 60 seconds with a UV lamp and you are good to go! There are multiple sizes so you can find a perfect fit for your nail each time. When it's time to take them off, use water or cuticle oil to help peel them off - no harsh chemicals or grinding required.


*We do our best to photograph the nail strips to capture the true color, but color online may vary slightly from actual color. Nonetheless, the best representation of the nail colors are the photos of the actual strips on our site (sticker on the box is not an accurate color representation). To get the best idea of the true color, focus on the photos of the actual strips. Mahalo!