The Naupaka Quilt Designs
The moʻolelo (story, tale, myth, legend…) of the naupaka shrub varies depending on the source. However, the theme of forbidden love is always at the center; a tale of two lovers separated - one to live in the mountains and one to live by the sea. This is why both the Naupaka Kuahiwi (mountain) and the Naupaka Kahakai (beach) bloom as only half flowers. It is said that if both halves are picked and joined, it will rain - as a reminder of the love that could not be. 
l've been wanting to draw a Hawaiian quilt for sometime but needed to make sure I did it right and used an original design of my own. For that I sought out help from an OG in the quilting game, Cissy Serrao, founder of Poakalani & Company, a quilting guild and school established by her parents in 1988, and spent most of Super Bowl Sunday talking story with her and her sister. She was so inspiring and afterwards I felt much more comfortable designing something on my own.  Since then, ideas have been floating around in my head for months but finally it came to me, Naupaka!!
I hope you enjoy these two designs and can't wait to add more to the collection.
Naupaka Kahakai
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Naupaka Kuahiwi
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